Review on Toshiba Washing Machine

Published: 07th February 2011
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Women are the active and constructive part of our society. Sometimes they find hard to cop up with their household and professional works. Most of the household works are time consuming. Among these washing clothes will take much time and energy. Every woman finds difficult in washing clothes. You can find washing machine in most of the houses. Washing Machine makes your life more comfortable by simplifying the most hectic laundry work. There are many companies have introduced washing machines. Toshiba is one of the best manufacturing companies in the world. Toshiba products are highly reliable because of their better performance and quality. Its home appliances excite everyone with their innovative technology and long lasting attitude. Toshiba has introduced top class washing machines in the market. This has introduced 6 models and each one has got its unique features, technologies and strengths. However, the common feature in all models is stiff body structure.

Toshiba used DD inverter technology to support pulsator in its washing machines. The pulsator controls the water level automatically as per the clothing condition. Toshiba washing machine is available at affordable price. Toshiba has recently launched Toshiba AWD950 SKC which has got latest DD Inverter technology. This DD Inverter controls the washing cycle and pulsator movement according to the nature of fabric. This maintains the pulsator speed in between 30 RPM to 150 RPM and regulates the water level. The whole processor is controlled by Pulsator and DD Inverter. Toshiba AW-8500SKC IU is the 7.5kg fully automatic top loading machine which has microprocessor controls. This machine has got 45 minutes wash cycle and four pre set wash programs. These wash programs are Heavy wash, Hot water wash, delicate wash and Normal wash. The programs are selected according to the texture and nature of the fabric. This Toshiba AW-8500SKC-IU has stainless steel wash tub with powerful pulsator that effectively removes all dust and dirt particles.

The features include in this washing machine are Automatic Drainage, Child Lock, Bleach & Detergent Dispenser, Wash load Sensor, Auto power off, Spin Shower Facility, child lock, auto restart, Auto power off, Dry Tap Protection, Lint Filter, End of Cycle Buzzer and Timers. The Toshiba washing machine offers you clean and shinning clothes. The price rate is approximately Rs.17, 880. There are many websites which provides the details about Toshiba washing. Before you are going to buy read many reviews in online. The user can purchase this Toshiba Washing Machine in online.

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